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Birmingham Team Building | Boosting Company Morale | Cake Study #1: A Halloween themed cake event

A fun Halloween-themed team building event for a Birmingham Packaging Company

Are you searching around for fun corporate team building ideas? Scratching your head trying to figure out how to boost company morale on a budget? Or want to find a low-cost way of improving employee engagement at the same time as rewarding employees? Our on-site coffee and cake events with Nicole, our vintage van, are a great way to get together for a chat with your staff while creating an open and friendly company culture.

Corporate team building event at a packaging company
On-site team building events - indoor or outdoor!

Last November, we went over to a Tamworth packaging company to deliver a great little team building event. We did our lovely barista coffee service for their 80 employees along with some really great Halloween-themed cake.

Celebrating Success

Our client wanted to celebrate a great quarterly result and nomination for a business award. We suggested using Halloween as a theme for this event as it's a great way to introduce some Autumnal fun.

Themed cake

We let our imaginations loose with Halloween themed cake and came up with a menu of red velvet stab cake, eyeball cupcakes, vampire brownies, Halloween coloured rainbow cake, pumpkin pie and chocolate spider web cake. We also had pumpkin spice syrup, toffee apple, and gingerbread syrups on board to add to our coffees and Halloween themed sprinkles for our hot chocolate with whipped cream.

Social time: strengthening team bonds

An entertaining and lively atmosphere was created by the staff taking time away from their desks to socialise with colleagues. People had a lot of fun discussing which cake they were going to have. Some people were gently ribbed for coming back for seconds. Some stopped for just a couple of minutes before rushing back to a pressing work deadline, and some people stopped and talked shop or discussed holidays for a whole hour.

Strengthen bonds between office and shop floor staff
Strengthen bonds between office and shop floor staff

Deceptively simple:

'What do you want to talk about?' A guaranteed conversation stopper! But having some unstructured mingling time and a chance to chat informally between staff and managers is a key benefit of what might, at first glance, seem to be a frivolous company activity. On a deeper level it fosters connections, promotes inclusivity and improves mental health.

Great feedback:

Feedback from our client: “When we were a small company, getting everyone together to go down the pub was something we did regularly. Now we have grown, it is something that’s fallen by the wayside a bit. We found this event a really good way to achieve the same result. It being an opportunity to get the three managers and the office staff together with all of our employees in an easy and informal way. And giving them a bit of a treat as well with minimum disruption to the working week and also not at great expense. We are really hands on within the company so we know what’s going on pretty well. Inevitably things are always a bit pressured for time so it was just great to check in with people socially.”

Create a buzz

So, do you want to create a fun team building event in Birmingham or the surrounding area? Then we can trundle over to put on a deceptively simple and fun, but very effective event for you to reward, motivate and engage your staff. Just get in touch and see how we can help you create a standalone team building activity. Or perhaps to create a buzz around a bigger company event you're holding.

For more info on our team building events take a look at our corporate events page:

Take a look at some of our amazing cake:

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