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Birmingham team building | Christmas work party ideas | 5 Reasons to have a Christmas work party

Thinking of giving up on your Christmas work party this year? We have 5 big reasons why it is so important to keep it in your work social calendar!

Organising a Christmas work party for your employees can become a minefield. There are a myriad of logistical, emotional and financial considerations that make up creating a fun event. And if you’ve left it a bit late, these problems can be compounded.

People live long distances away, have childcare issues and busy social lives. Or maybe they just don’t want to spend their spare time with work colleagues. Some people don’t celebrate Christmas, or have disabilities or dietary requirements. That’s before you even get started on drunken antics, time off work, and the cost, time and effort it takes to organise an event. 

However, many people expect a company to recognise their efforts at this time of year. Research shows that if companies reward their staff, they can realise many benefits. So, what are the key ways a Christmas event can contribute to your company on an individual and team level?

1. Create team spirit

Having fun together can build unity and a sense of belonging. Both of these are important elements of motivation and good mental health. People work well together when they know, like and trust each other.

2. Improve your company culture:

Think of this as the unspoken rules of your organisation. The prevailing mood and attitude of people nudges everyone else into a similar mindset. This can be for anything from customer service to health and safety. People are just more likely to act like the people they are surrounded by, so treating people with kindness and appreciation creates a culture where kindness and appreciation are expected. This helps to get people working more cooperatively and constructively which makes it easier to achieve things as a company.

3. Appreciation: You get back what you give

Showing appreciation and saying a big thanks to everyone revives morale, which creates a bit of a buzz to carry through into the new year. A Christmas work party is a great time to take a pause and thank people for the year's achievements. That time between January and March can feel a bit bleak and cold, so people can really struggle to give their best if they are unhappy and feel unappreciated at work. Ultimately if you give the bare minimum then that’s what you can expect to get back from your workers.

4. Encourage Positive Team dynamics

Employees are more than just workers, they are people with life experience, skills, hobbies, families and dreams. The Christmas work party is a great time to spend time together and talk about things that are not work related. This helps people really get to know each other and develops positive relationships and team dynamics. The next time Jenny from finance has to speak to Rob in operations, that relationship is already friendly.

5. Create a good news story

Social events make your company look like a great place to work and do business with. Creating good news and posting about it on company social media accounts make people feel positive about working with you and help potential customers get to know, like and trust you as a business. 

stretched finances?

Ultimately, it doesn’t have to involve a big costly night out, especially for smaller companies or where budget is tight. And a steady drip-drip of appreciation throughout the year can actually be more beneficial than one big event.

Something that says a big thanks for the hard work invested by staff, while bringing the team building benefits of getting everyone together doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, and this is where we can help.

We can help you turn your goods inwards or warehousing space into the venue to create a fun and cost-effective Christmas work party option. Or if you’ve no indoor space suitable then get everyone to wrap up and head out to the car park for something warming and festive.

We can bring the party venue to you with everyone’s favourite coffee and some great Christmas themed cake, along with some other catering options. Take a look at our web pages to get some ideas:

To see more details, please take a look at our corporate home page:

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