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Simple on-site team building and staff reward events



how we do it!

Meet Nicole...

We bring a simple event that’s time and cost-effective to your site with Nicole, our 1963 vintage Citroen van. In completely original and working condition, she creates a stir wherever she goes! We tranform your backdrop with our quirky pop-up café, as we treat your people to a fun, convivial social event, with our lovely barista coffee and top-notch home-made cakes or French crepes cooked to order. 


That’s all there is to it! And yet we have found for our customers it is really effective platform for a team building event. It creates a buzz. The simplicity of chatting about cake breaks down barriers and appeals to all.


Create good news

And it makes a great backdrop to post on your company LinkedIn or Facebook page... to show your followers/website viewers how great it is to work at or with your company.

Personalise your event

We can even sticker up your cups or provide a voucher with a personalised message from you to your staff.


Brighten up everyone's day!

We turn the dullest factory car park or shop floor into a special venue for a bit of an occasion, so no need to go anywhere!


Bespoke catering, whatever your event

​We also provide refreshments for product launches, champagne receptions, cocktails, family fun days, mulled wine and mince pies, breakfast and full afternoon tea. Plus we also offer a full barista service without the van. Take a look at the range of other services we offer.

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Some of our reviews

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This has gone down really well, all the feedback has been really positive, and it’s created a real buzz about the place. The novelty of the van and the offerings and cakes, absolutely fabulous."

-Melvin Wingfield, Director, A&M EDM ltd, Smethwick, Birmingham

make corporate events a little less... well... corporate

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Our iconic Citroen H van, Nicole, is in completely original and operational conditional, rescued from a French barn and reinvented as a mobile café. Wherever we pitch up, we transform the backdrop with our quirky and picturesque identity to set the scene for your occasion, providing a timeless experience rooted in a bygone era.

With specific refreshments, personalised and themed to suit your occasion, Tarte au Citroen is an event that can come to your venue. All of our offerings are developed with a passion for quality food, hand baked and home-made with love, by artisan producers and served to you by our professional and friendly baristas.

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making it easy for you


We are 5* hygiene rated, have all of our insurance and certifications up to date and risk assessment in place to share with you. All our packaging is eco friendly and removed from site.

Cost effective

We can do all this for around £10 a head – depending on numbers but it generally works well for 30 people and upwards.

Date flexibility

There’s always so much uncertainty about what may happen and when. So nominate a date and we’ll pencil it in. If it isn’t going to work for you as you get closer to the time either for weather reasons or other looming commitments then we can cancel or reorganise up to 48 hours beforehand. No worries.


We want all of our customers to be 100% happy. You want this to work well for your people. If you are unhappy with any aspect of how this has worked for you and you are able to give us clear feedback, then we won’t charge you.


We are always happy to chat about your event and ideas no matter what stage of planning you are at. Just give us a call!

our ethos


We believe that food is a precious commodity and that it should be enjoyed to the full. That’s why great taste and beautiful presentation are key to everything we do. We take a lot of care to make everything as good as it can possibly be and avoid anything mass produced wherever possible.

We can take care of any dietary requirements and we are always happy to chat about your event and ideas no matter what stage of planning you are at. 

All of our services are brought to you with our friendly and organised staff to take care of your guests. 


Contact us  |  Tel: 07721 766834

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5* Hygiene rating

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